What is a Cannabinoid

Cannabis contains a number of chemical alkaloids known as cannabinoids. Primary cannabinoids of interest to are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN). In extracts from the plant, THC and CBD exist as the native acid forms, tetrahydroocannabinolic acid (THCA) and cannabinolic acid (CBDA). THC is the marijuana plant’s primary component for causing psychoactive effects. Medical marijuana uses the marijuana plant or chemicals in it to treat diseases or conditions.
Cannabis consumers are often mislead into thinking that any cannabis strain with under 25% THC must be noticeably less potent than average. Yet much of the cannabis grown and consumed is around 16% THC.

While it is rare to find accurate THC levels above 25% in plants, it is unfortunately quite common to see claims of 25-30+% THC levels.

MoCann Testing’s Mission

MoCann Testing mission is to help individuals across the state ensure they have access to safe marijuana through accurate sample testing and quality results.

How is MoCann Testing Ensuring Accuracy?

MoCann Testing is ramping up for the state required proficiency testing program. Proficiency testing determines the performance of individual laboratories for specific tests or measurements and is used to monitor laboratories’ continuing performance. Proficiency testing is also called interlaboratory comparison. As this term implies, proficiency testing compares the measuring results obtained by different laboratories.

In order to determine how precise our testing is, MoCann Testing purchased a “blind” dry flower sample to test in our laboratory. The supplier of the “blind” dry flower sample provided the known concentration of d9-THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBN, total THC, and total CBD in a sealed envelope to the regulatory and compliance team (see Figure 1 below). MoCann Testing’s analytical chemists prepared and analyzed the sample according to our procedures and methods. The results were, well, see for yourself!!

Table 1: Side by Side Comparison of Results

Figure 1: Packing Slip and Sealed Envelope with Results

Figure 2: Sealed Results Disclosed by Regulatory upon Completion of Analysis

Note: The sealed results give total THC and total CBD concentrations by adding the THC and CBD with their corresponding native acid form concentrations directly together. It is notable that Total THC and Total CBD are typically calculated as demonstrated below as smoking, cooking or vaping heat gets rid of the carboxy so THCA gives of CO2, losing about 12% of its weight in the process.

Total THC= THC+ (THCA*0.877)
Total CBD= CBD+ (CBDA*0.877)

For the sake of this study, total THC and Total CBD are calculated as outlined below


Figure 3: MoCann Testing’s Results

What do these results mean??

MoCann Testing tested between 97-112% of the expected value of the cannabinoids tested, including 100% recovery of THCA and 103% recovery of Total THC! MoCann Testing’s procedures, instrumentation, and methods are spot on with known concentrations of cannabinoids in cannabis products. Consumers can be confident in our results and products tested by MoCann Testing means safety and accuracy!

To find out more about cannabis testing, contact MoCann Testing at mctinfo@ekglabs.com, at 314-328-9006, or via our website.

About MoCann Testing

MoCann Testing is the FIRST Missouri state certified, ISO 17025 compliant marijuana testing laboratory and is based in St. Louis, Missouri. As a division of EKG Labs, a pharmaceutical and medical device analytical laboratory, our clients can be confident that the results are accurate and reported in a manner compliant with all of the state’s requirements.