Missouri Cannabis Testing Services

Potency and Profile Testing

The full required cannabinoid profile including THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA and CBN (additional cannabinoids by request). Our pharmaceutical testing background sets us apart from the competition in potency testing. Combining our high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) designed specifically for cannabis testing and our analytical expertise, we developed and validated a method for 11 specific cannabinoids, exceeding the minimum state requirements.

Marijuana Potency MoCann Marijuana Testing Laboratory St. Louis


While not required by Missouri regulation, terpene profile is recognized as critical to patients, dispensaries, and cultivators alike. Understanding and providing terpene profile is recognized as essential for dispensaries to help patients identify the strains which are successful in treating their symptoms. Through understanding terpenes, cultivators/breeders can selectively modulate the terpene ratios of their strains, in order to maximize desired benefits.

MoCann Testing has validated test methods and will work with your organization to define your needs with regard to terpene testing (number of compounds evaluated, limits of interest, etc.).

Terpene Testing MoCann Marijuana Testing Laboratory St. Louis


In order to maintain the vision of providing safe and secure access to marijuana for qualifying Missouri patients, MoCann Testing analyzes cultivated and manufactured products for microbials, utilizing state of the art PCR, including:

  • Mycotoxins including aflatoxins and ochratoxin A – See Chemical Residue (link)
  • Pathogenic E. Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Pathogenic Aspergillus Species including A. fumigatus, A. flabus, A. niger and A. terreus
Microbal Screening MoCann Marijuana Testing Laboratory St. Louis


Mycotoxins are highly toxic chemical byproducts from fungi commonly found in crops. As very small quantities are capable of causing disease state and/or death, the control of mycotoxins is a critical testing requirement of Cannabis testing. MoCann Testing has validated test methods to analyzed for aflatoxins and ochratoxin A (others available upon request) at or below the 20 ppb Missouri limits.

Mycotoxins MoCann Marijuana Testing Laboratory St. Louis


Due to the plant’s absorption ability from direct treatment, soils and/or water, marijuana can be contaminated by pesticides. MoCann Testing offers analytical testing utilizing UHPLC/Triple Quad capable of detecting and quantifying all Missouri regulated pesticide levels to ensure product safety.

Pesticides MoCann Marijuana Testing Laboratory St. Louis


Heavy Metal analysis encompasses trace metal/heavy metal testing to evaluate cannabis products for elevated concentrations of elements that are of significant concern. These metals include: Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead and Mercury. Excessive exposure to such elements can cause serious health concerns including neurological damage. Utilizing our advanced instrumentation and analytical experience, MoCann Testing can ensure your product is safe and below thresholds set forth by Missouri DHSS.

Heavy Metals Screening MoCann Testing Laboratory


Residual Solvents are described as volatile compounds that are used in the manufacturing of drug substances. At MoCann Testing Labs, we have optimized and validated a Headspace Gas Chromatography method suitable for analyzing and identifying the full screen of residual solvents to ensure the safety of the patient. Residual solvents testing includes: 1,2-Dichloroethane, Acetone, Acetonitrile, Benzene, Butanes, Chloroform, Ethanol, Ethyl acetate, Ethyl ether, Ethylene Oxide, Heptane, Hexanes, Isopropyl alcohol, Methanol, Methylene chloride, Pentanes, Propane, toluene, Trichloroethylene and total Xylenes.

Residual Solvents MoCann Marijuana Testing Laboratory St. Louis


The interface between moisture content and water activity is unfortunately a poorly understood concept. Moisture content is evaluated using a moisture balance and represents the “total” amount of water present, a water activity meter measures water vapor and reports a value of “available” or free moisture. Understanding the water and moisture content of the sample will assist in ensuring that a product has integrity and will ship and store for an appropriate amount of time without risk of mold/mildew formation.

Moisture Content of Marijuana MoCann Testing Laboratory St. Louis


Utilizing an optical microscopy, foreign matter screening is verified to ensure passing results.

Foreign Screening MoCann Testing Laboratory


Missouri Cannabis Testing will support your marijuana testing needs by offering sample pickups Monday-Friday. Our standard route includes most of Southeast Missouri and St. Louis areas.